Most Accurate Valorant to CS:GO Sensitivity Converter/Calculator 2023

Valorant to CS:GO Sensitivity Conversion: Easily transition your aiming skills between games with our conversion guide. Find the perfect sensitivity settings for a seamless gaming experience.

In the revolutionized world of FPS games, there is a list of remarkable and significant games available. Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, are the names discussed in the section next for the sensitivity conversion.

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In terms of demand and popularity, both CSGO and Valorant stand by impactful popularity. Even the interface of CSGO has almost crossed the player limit of around 1 million and keeps increasing tremendously with time. At the same time, the FPS valorant option has proven to be hot on the gaming horizon for not only easy to adopt by beginners but also by experts. As the concerned gaming options belong to the FP category, Sensitivity is the only option to create the separation line between them.

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They are aligned with the distinctive sensitivity option, but some players find their way to create a balanced equation for both games. They can enjoy the Dua gaming option by getting a sensitivity balance. This adventurous need gets fulfilled with the help of  Valorant to CS:GO Sensitivity.

Here is the most requted discussion below for the field understanding if the reader and interested users can get up to the interfacial working and functionality of Valorant to CS:GO Sensitivity.

Sensitivity Converter

To seek the best gaming experience and required adventure from the FPS chosen gaming options, you might be clear about the use and methods that can be taken up for converting the system’s Sensitivity. The two most authentic methodologies are available to follow up for the targeted need of Valorant to CS:GO Sens.

You can even count the process manually by logical reasoning. If not, online resources are also available to ensure convenience and reliability. Let’s discuss both methods in detail;


This is the most precise sensitivity conversion option available for the pro players and all those who are experts in mathematical actions. For this, you must be clear about the sensitivity values of the games.

The procession for the method continues with the multiplication of valorant sensitivity values with the factor 3.18 and vice versa for csgo. After multiplying, both sides will provide the output aspects the same as the other’s sensitivity.

It will ensure a similar result only on one condition. The condition requirement is that the player does not have to alert the dpi value. When there is no change in the dpi aspect, the players will precisely avail the authentication for Valorant to CS:GO Sensitivity conversion.

the general formulas for the manual balanced calculation are;

Sensitivity of Valorant X 3.18 = Sensitivity of CS: GO


Sensitivity of CS: GO X 3.18 = Sensitivity of Valorant

The players will effectively adopt these sensitivities to engage the gaming horizon, which will authenticate for dominating the server. However, if you are new to the platform and have no precise idea about the sensitivity uptake, the users and players can not go up with Valorant to CS: GO zoom Sensitivity because it tends to require precision and accuracy for smooth gameplay.


This is the method option available for all those who are not math professionals and need clarification about logical reasoning; in this factor, the method is pursued by online tools. These online resources will calculate the required value fry or interest per your consideration.

These online tools and calculators are more accurate and authentic in simple authentication, providing highly personalized and precise answers. These devices ensure the process with the help of test mode, where the players rely on the sensitivity aspects.

Gaming Smart, Aiming.Pro, Valorant to CS: GO, Sens scope, is available. Besides these precise options, players will learn about the countless other options that are easy to pursue and follow.

  • Aiming.Pro

This is a smooth and highly manageable website option introduced to the players, which ensures the sensitivity conversion process and creates a restful analysis for player preference.

The practical online access of the player to the also provides the central aspect of the mouse movement by depicting the turning actions of the mouse around the 360-degree rotational scenario.

Thus, the players not only benefit in terms of sensitivity conversion but also seek enough gains in terms of desk space and mousepads.

  • Gaming Smart

If the players need to find the edpi and convert the Sensitivity of the concerned games, this Smart Gaming option is most precisely available for delivering high-edge functioning. It aligns the games with appropriate edpi titles that suit the game’s needs and demands.

It comprises an easy-to-use and highly comprehensive interfacial structure, which is significantly reliable to navigate. As it is bound to work for dual functions, before pursuing any action, tap on the Sensitivity Calculator.” These options are available on the main menu.

  • Sensitivity Calculator

Last but not least, as the name depicts, it mainly featured the functions of converting and copying the Sensitivity of the games. This includes; fast performance, efficient functionality, and a convenient task approach.

As stated above for valorant to cs: go converter, the manual method does not require changing the dpi settings. There would be available “FROM” and “TO” options, which provide you with the gaming option. Choose the one as per your use and interest. Afterward, peruse the calculation for the resultant factor.

The sensitivity value can easily be copied and pasted from the website to the game’s interface, ensuring proper and accurate functional gaming operation. It helps the players to stand in the most prominent position in the dual gaming option.

How to convert Valorant sensitivity to CS:GO?

Converting your Valorant sensitivity settings to CS:GO is essential for maintaining your aiming accuracy when switching between these two popular first-person shooter games. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the transition smoothly:

  1. Note Down Your Valorant Sensitivity:
    • Launch Valorant and navigate to your in-game settings. Make note of your sensitivity settings, which are typically found in the “Sensitivity” or “Mouse Sensitivity” section.
  2. Calculate Your eDPI in Valorant:
    • eDPI (Effective Dots Per Inch) is a combination of your in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI (Dots Per Inch). To find your eDPI in Valorant, multiply your in-game sensitivity by your mouse DPI. For example, if your in-game sensitivity is 2 and your mouse DPI is 800, your eDPI is 1600 (2 x 800).
  3. Use an Online Sensitivity Converter:
    • Search for an online sensitivity converter tool that specializes in Valorant to CS:GO conversions. There are several available, such as “” or “”
  4. Input Your eDPI:
    • Enter your Valorant eDPI value into the sensitivity converter. This tool will calculate the equivalent sensitivity settings for CS:GO.
  5. Adjust CS:GO Settings:
    • Apply the calculated CS:GO sensitivity settings to your game. Access your CS:GO settings and locate the sensitivity or mouse settings section. Input the values provided by the converter.
  6. Fine-Tune Your Sensitivity:
    • Play CS:GO with the newly applied sensitivity settings. You may find that some fine-tuning is necessary to make it feel comfortable and precise. Make gradual adjustments until you achieve the desired aiming feel.
  7. Practice and Refine:
    • Spend time practicing and refining your aiming skills in CS:GO with the converted sensitivity settings. Muscle memory will develop over time, and you’ll become more comfortable with the adjustments.
  8. Regularly Reevaluate:
    • As you play both Valorant and CS:GO, periodically revisit your sensitivity settings to ensure they continue to suit your preferences and performance. Minor tweaks may be needed as you progress.
  9. Share and Learn:
    • Engage with the gaming community, forums, or online groups to discuss sensitivity conversion experiences and gain insights from other players who have made the transition.
  10. Enjoy a Consistent Gaming Experience:
    • By converting your Valorant sensitivity to CS:GO, you’ll maintain a consistent aiming experience across both games, enhancing your overall performance and accuracy.

Remember that sensitivity preferences can vary from person to person, so don’t be afraid to customize your settings further to suit your unique aiming style. With practice and dedication, you’ll master aiming in both Valorant and CS:GO with ease.

Valorant to CS:GO Sensitivity

Switching your sensitivity settings from Valorant to CS: GO can be a crucial adjustment for maintaining consistent aiming precision between these popular first-person shooter games. This guide explores the nuances of sensitivity conversion, providing insights and tips to help gamers seamlessly transition their aiming skills from one game to the other. Whether you’re a dedicated Valorant player looking to explore CS: GO or vice versa, understanding and adapting your sensitivity settings is a key step in enhancing your gaming experience.


Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about converting sensitivity settings from Valorant to CS:GO:

Q: How do I convert my Valorant sensitivity to CS: GO sensitivity?

Ans: To convert your sensitivity from Valorant to CS: GO, you can use a sensitivity calculator. Input your Valorant sensitivity settings, and it will provide you with the equivalent sensitivity settings for CS: GO.

Q: Why is it important to convert sensitivity when switching between Valorant and CS: GO?

Ans: Converting sensitivity ensures that your aim and muscle memory remain consistent when switching between games. Different games may have varying sensitivity scales, so conversion helps maintain your aiming skills.

Q: Is there a standard conversion formula for Valorant to CS: GO sensitivity?

Ans: There isn’t a universally accepted formula, as it can vary based on individual preferences. However, sensitivity calculators and tools are available online to simplify the process.

Q: Can I use the same sensitivity settings for both Valorant and CS: GO?

Ans: While you can use the same settings, it’s often recommended to convert them for optimal performance and muscle memory retention. This ensures that your aiming reflexes are consistent in both games.

Q: Are there any sensitivity converters or calculators available online?

Ans: Yes, several sensitivity converters and calculators are available online. You can find them by searching for “Valorant to CS:GO sensitivity converter” in your preferred search engine.

Q: What are some factors to consider when converting sensitivity settings?

Ans: Factors to consider include the in-game sensitivity values, the Field of View (FOV) settings, and the DPI (Dots Per Inch) of your mouse. These all play a role in determining the correct conversion.

Q: Should I fine-tune my sensitivity settings after conversion?

Ans: Yes, it’s a good practice to fine-tune your sensitivity settings in CS:GO after conversion to ensure they feel comfortable and accurate for your aiming style.

Q: Can I convert sensitivity settings from CS:GO to Valorant as well?

Ans: Yes, you can also convert sensitivity settings from CS:GO to Valorant using similar calculators or tools to maintain consistency when switching between the two games.

Q: Is there a sensitivity conversion guide provided by the game developers?

Ans: Game developers do not typically provide official sensitivity conversion guides, but the gaming community has developed various tools and resources to assist with this process.

Q: What should I do if I experience difficulties after converting my sensitivity settings?

Ans: If you encounter issues, consider adjusting your settings based on your personal comfort and performance. Experimentation may be necessary to find the perfect sensitivity for you.

Remember that sensitivity preferences can be highly individual, so it’s essential to find settings that feel comfortable and effective for your gameplay style.

Final Statement

In the context above, we have tried to figure out some of the most excellent Valorant to CS: GO Sensitivity converter options for players’ needs and pro gameplay experience. All of them perform remarkable jobs in all terms and make it clear for the users to g operate the Valorant to CS: GO Sens with resolution both by manual and online tools.

It ensures a more profound adventurous experience for you and enhances the gameplay adventure in all the possible ways by creating a balanced approach in the sensitivity equation of two gaming options.